Sarobidy's Web page

Welcome to my web page. My name is Sarobidy Razafimahatratra, I am a master's student in discrete mathematics at the Moscow Insitute of Physics and Technology(MIPT). I am also an alumnus of the University of Antananarivo and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences(AIMS-Ghana).

Mathematical Interests

My mathematical interest lies in the field of discrete mathematics, especially in graph theory. My thesis at AIMS was about Symmetry Breaking in Graphs . The main objective of this thesis was the study of the distinguishing and determining number of certain classes of graphs. Given a graph $G=(V,E)$, an $r$-labeling of $G$ is a map that assigns to each vertex of $G$ an integer from the set $\{1,\ldots,r\}$. An $r$-labeling of $G$ is said to be distinguishing if the only automorphism of $G$ preserving the label is the trivial automorphism. The distinguishing number of $G$ is the minimum size of a distinguishing labeling. A subset $S$ of $G$ is said to be a determining set if the automorphisms of $G$ are uniquely defined by their actions on $S$. The determining number of $G$ in this case is the minimum size of a determining set.


You can find my CV here .


I am currently doing my research under the supervision of Dr. Zhukovskii ( in Russian, English ). For more information on my research, please click here.